(Delete) Usage guide

Office Hours

Open daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Your unit is yours and can be accessed 24/7 like your home. If you would like to see a staff member or check in/check out, we ask that you visit us during our Office Hours. Our facility and all units are secured. You will need your personal access card to access the facility and your units.

Your units are alarmed and the alarm will be deactivated upon accessing the facility with your personal access card. Units are locked with your own lock, and we do not keep a copy of the key. Locks are not provided as part of standard unit subscription. Top-grade locks can also be purchased at REDD or online.

If your key is lost, you may bring your personal access card and your ID with you as proof of ownership and see our staff for assistance with restoring access.

Up to five people are allowed to use a particular unit. Each person is will be given their personal access card. We require each person to check in with us and provide a valid government-issued photo ID. Please see the full list of acceptable photo ID here. You may also want to provide them with their own key for your padlocks, as we do not keep a copy.