Humidity Control
The humidity is controlled for all upper floor units. At REDD Premium Self Storage, we believe our belongings should be kept with care with a peace of mind – and so do yours.
24/7 Access
At REDD Premium Self Storage, your unit is yours and you can access it anytime. When checking in, you'll get a personal access code for the electronic security gate and your units only. You'll then be free to come and go anytime. For more information about accessing your unit, go to My Account for access details and more.
Booking Management
We want to help you store and manage space so you can focus on other things. You can effortlessly view and manage your current booking at your account and make payments online from the comfort of your home.
Storage Supplies
REDD is a good place to start. We have a range of custom designed boxes to help maximise space usage efficiency. These boxes are designed to match the dimensions of our units. You can buy our boxes, bubble wraps, storage supplies and a range of locks at any REDD location – allowing you to come to REDD empty handed.
Our lifts are 2.9 x 2.1 m allowing you to move everything even motorbikes in one go.
Storage Shelves
We have movable shelves that can roll into your units and double as storage shelves. The storage shelves are 0.9 m x 0.7 m and 1.8 m tall.

They help you maximise space usage for larger units.
Coworking Space,
Meeting Space & Café
We want to help you get more done at REDD Premium Self Storage. Meeting rooms are available for private meeting and working sessions.

Coworking space and café is available for casual meeting and working sessions.
Drive-In Units
We understand you may need units that you can drive into. We have drive-in units available. They have spacious loading area and large roll-up doors much like a garage, perfect for storing supercars and frequent commercial "stow and go's".
Drive-in units can be selected when making a reservation. More details on drive-in units such as dimensions and features can be found at Size Guide & Price Table
Parcel Service
We want to help you do more with 2nd home storage space. REDD Premium Self Storage’s parcel service partners are available so you can send and receive parcels directly at your REDD Premium Self Storage location.