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REDD Premium Self Storage
Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully, as they affect your rights. These Terms & Conditions is a part of REDD Premium Self Storage’s service, products and website of which Poem Global Limited being the service provider (“the Provider”). By accessing the said service or using the said service in any way, you agree that you have understood and shall comply with these Terms & Conditions described as following;

No.1 Service

1.1 You are entitled to store Goods in the Unit allocated by the Provider from time to time so long as all fees and all relevant expenses are paid up date.

1.2 You certify that that you have full right in the Goods brought into Common Area and the Unit, including right to manage or permit to manage the Goods as described in these Terms & Conditions.

1.3 You certify that you have knowledge being and the quality of the Goods. It is your duty to check and assess that such Unit is suitable for store the Goods. The Provider shall offer the Unit for your consideration but you have a right to check such Unit prior to using and choose the suitable Unit.

1.4 This service, according to these Terms & Conditions, does not create a tenancy or lease or; mean that the Provider is bailee, custodians or warehousemen of the Goods. The providers do not have and will not be deemed to have knowledge of the Goods, or of the nature or conditions of any Goods. It is also your duty to take care of the safety of the Goods in the Unit.

1.5 You are entitled to use the area outside of the Unit as a Common Area for transportation of the Goods only in the manner that seems necessary and proper in the opinion of the Provider. You must not do any activity that bar or obstruct others from using the Common Area.

1.6 You must not take into or store any of the following in the Unit and the Common Area:toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods, Firearms, munitions or explosives, radioactive materials, flammable or hazardous goods, living plants or animals, any item emitting fumes, odour or smell, food or perishable goods, cash and securities, fireworks, illegal goods, waste, tyres and anything bearing a weight over 800 kilograms per square meter.

The Provider is not only entitled to check the Goods before you bring the Goods in and between the Storing, but also being entitled prohibit you from taking in or storing the said Goods. The Provider is, however, entitled to consider on case by case basis.

1.7 You are responsible for locking or closing the Unit and you must open/close the unit by your own. The Provider has no duty to lock or closing the Unit instead of you. In the event that you are not lock or close the Unit or the key is felt into another one hand, the Provider is not responsible for the risk of the loss or damage of the Goods in the Unit.

1.8 You shall have only one account with the Provider; even you have more than one Unit with the Provider.

1.9 You are entitled to use and access the Service any time between the Normal Access Hour declared by the Provider. For using the service outside of the normal access hour, you are obliged to pay the extra fee declared by the Provider.

1.10 Only you, person(s) accompanied by you, person(s) in possession of your access code are entitled to use the Service. Any such person shall be treated as your agent; therefore, you are responsible and liable to the Provider or to another for any loss and damage cause by your agent as your own act.

1.11 The Provider is entitled to know name and personal information of the person, including you, getting into the Common Area and the Unit. The Provider is entitled to refuse any person who is an unidentified person or unable to provide satisfactory proof of identity to get into the Common Area and the Unit.

1.12 You must not do any activity such as produce, compound, construct, repair, implement etc. in any area other than storing the Goods and you are not allowed to change the Unit or adapt the structure or insert the console/ any material in the Unit, except only to the case that the Provider gives permission to you in writing prior to do so.

1.13 The Service in the Contract or these Terms & Conditions shall not give you or other person any possession of the Unit. The Provider is entitled to relocate your Unit into another Unit which shall not be smaller than your Unit. The condition precedent and processes of relocation shall be as following;

(a) Only in the event of reparation, improvement, prevent of incidents which in the provider’ s opinion requires the Unit or any part to be closed, the Provider shall notify you to relocate your Goods by written notice, and the Provider shall give you time to complete relocation at least seven days since you receive the notice.

(b) If you are unable to complete relocation by yourself within the said time limit, the Provider in entitled to relocation your Goods and the loss or damage of your Goods shall be at your risk.

(c) The right of the Provider to access the Unit shall be as being described in these Terms & Conditions except agree otherwise.

1.14 You are required to comply with any law, act, regulation and by-laws that relate to your Goods.

No.2 Service Fee

2.1 After making a Booking, you are required to pay the Service Fee within the due date.

2.2 In the event that you terminate the Booking, all of suspense debt(s) (not-yet-due debt) shall be due immediately.

No.3 Default and Sanction

3.1 If you not make prompt payment of your debt, you agree that you shall pay fine at rate of eight teen percentages per annum of the unpaid amount. Moreover, you also agree that;

(a) You accept that the Goods are left in the Unit at your sole risk. The Provider shall be excluded from any liability in respect of the Goods since the debt is overdue.

(b) The Provider is entitled to have a lien (a right to retain the Goods) until the Provider have received full payment of debt.

(c) You, person(s) accompanied by you, person(s) authorized in writing by you or person(s) nominated by you in the Contract (if any) are prohibited from access into the Common Area and the Unit until the Provider have received full payment of debt.

(d) You agree to pay to the Provider the necessary and proper maintenance fee in order maintain the Goods stored in the Unit in full within seven days after receiving the notice from the Provider. Unable to pay such fee, the fee shall be treated as a default and you agree to pay a fine for this unpaid.

(e) In the event that you received a notice from the Provider to pay the unpaid debt but you fail to pay the unpaid debt in full to the Provider within thirty days after receiving of such notice, you agree in advance that the Provider is entitled to remove the Goods from the Unit for selling or transfer the ownership of the Goods or dispose the Goods up to the discretion of the Provider.

3.2 The procedure of selling the Goods mentioned above and deduces the debt shall be as following;

(a) The Provider is entitled to use any method to sell the Goods or transfer of ownership as the Provider see suitable, taking into account the difficulty and the expense of selling in order to obtain the reasonable price. In the case that the selling is proceeded by auction or tender offer, the Provider shall send a notice to you for the date, time and place and give you at least seven days prior to the date of auction or ending of the tender process, if possible.

(b) In the case that the Provider is unable to sell the Good within the reasonable time, you allow the Provider to dispose the Good by any method that the Provider see suitable.

(c) In the case that there is any expense in selling or disposing of the Good (including any fee cleaning expense, transportation expense), you agree to be responsible for such fee. The money receiving from selling shall be, therefore, deduce firstly to pay such expense, then deduce secondly to pay the unpaid debt.

(d) In the case that the selling are insufficient to discharge any expense and/or debt, you agree to pay any balance in full and also agree to pay fine for the unpaid debt until the unpaid debt is paid in full.

(e) In the case that the selling is sufficient, the Provider shall return the balance to you (without interest) within 30 days after the date of liquidation.

3.3 You agree that the Provider is entitled to manage the Goods or any property placed and left outside of the Unit or on the Common Area by using the proceed described herein mutatis mutandis.

No 4. Right of the Provider to access the Unit

4.1 The Provider shall not enter into the Unit except in the case that the act/law or the Contract (if any) allow to do so or in the case described below;

(a) In the case of emergency such as natural disaster, incident or occurrence, theft etc.

(b) In the case of reparation, maintenance or improvement

(c) In the case that there is a reasonable ground to suspicious that you have felt to perform any of your duty according to law or the Contract or these Terms & Conditions

(d) In the case that there is a lawful order or writ of government officer or of the court.

(f) In the case that the Provider have perform relocation.

(g) In the case of emergency to prevent or mitigate any loss or damage against any person or property.

(h) In the case that you are at default and the Provider is entitled to manage the Good according to the Contract or these Terms & Conditions.

4.2 In order to access the Unit, you agreed that the Provider is entitled to break or demolish any lock or barricade if you not cooperate in opening the Unit.

No 5. Responsibility for loss or damage

5.1 In the case that you want to do insurance for your Goods stored in the Unit, you shall do insurance with the insurer provided by the Provider and other insurers. You shall notify the detail of your insurance policy to the Provider no matter who you do insurance with.

5.2 You agree that you shall not do any activity that violate the building or any property insurance policy (if any) between the Provider and the insurer. In the case that you have not correct your activity within the time limit set out in the Provider notice, you agree that the Provider is entitled to terminate the contract(s).

No.6 Termination of Contract

6.1 You are entitled to terminate the Contract any time by paying the unpaid debt to the Provider in full.

6.2 The Provider is entitled to terminate the Contract in the condition that you are on default or do breach of duty in the Contract or these Terms & Conditions.

6.3 You are obliged to remove all of your Goods from the Unit and return the Unit to the Provider immediately upon the termination of the Contract and the management of the Goods in No.3 and No.4 of this Agreement shall be applied to this case mutatis mutandis.

No.7 Intellectual Property

7.1 The Provider is the sole owner of all intellectual property relating to product, service, website, right, logo and seal etc.

7.2 The Provider shall not transfer or allow you or other to use such intellectual property except in the case that the Provider has given a consent in writing.

No.8 Privacy Policy

8.1 Personal Information such as e-mail address, name, home or work address, post code, telephone number etc. which the Provider receive from you by any channel, shall be protected according to law of personal information.

8.2 The Provider shall use your personal information only for necessary purpose to contact, service, public relation or updating news including survey for your opinion on business or activity of Poem Global Limited.

8.3 The Provider shall not sell or give the personal information, receiving from you, to any third party without consent from you.

8.4 In the case that the Provider hire outsource to do activity on your personal activity such as sending post mail, analyze on statistics aspect for business or activity of the Provider etc. The Provider is obliged to control such outsource to implement the obligation in this No.8.

No. 9 Notice

9.1 If any notice, including reply or inform, between the Provider and you that has been performed by the solution described below shall be legal and acceptable. It shall be deemed that the receiver know the content, whether the receiver has opened and read the content or not.

(a) By sending e-mail to e-mail address set forth in the Contract or any document. For the Provider, the E-Mail should be send to INFO@REDD.GLOBAL

(b) By sending a registered post mail together with postal receipt

9.2 The Service provided through communication channels such as website, e-mail or telephone is possible to be affected by delay or error which the Provider shall not responsible for any error.

No. 10 Other terms and Conditions

10.1 The Provider is entitled to issue new Terms & Conditions and new rate for service fee, expense. You are entitled to reject the new version of such. By rejecting, you agree that the Contract shall become terminated. By continue using the Service, you agree that you accept the new version of such change.

10.2 While the Provider decide not to exercise or enforce any right according to the Contract or these Terms and Conditions. It is unable to imply that the Provider have waive its right. The waiving of right shall be proceeded in writing only.

10.3 In the case that any of terms or conditions in the Contract or these Terms & Conditions is invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent, such terms or conditions shall be considered to be removed from the Contract or these Terms & Conditions and the remaining terms or conditions will continue to be valid and will not be affected in any way.

10.4 You are unable to assign any of your rights under the Contract or these Terms & Conditions to any other person without the Provider prior written consent.

10.5 Where you are using co-account containing of two or more persons under the same account, each person takes on the obligations under the Contract and these Terms & Conditions in full.

10.6 The Provider is entitled to ask for information and request you to fill the risk assessment form for the interest of the Unit Management. You are obliged to informed and fill the form by only the truth within the time set forth by the Provider.

10.7 The Contract and these Terms & Conditions shall be construed and governed by Thai Law

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